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Why Choose TEAM?


TEAM provides a solution for Mining Equipment Technology and Services businesses (METS) who need expert marketing leadership in order to accelerate growth and improve profitability, but aren’t quite ready for a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and/or in-house marketing department.

The TEAM Agency model has a flat monthly fee structure that provides you with the transparency and flexibility to scale the level of support you receive, avoiding upfront costs and an expensive ongoing headcount.

The alternative, is to either invest over time (often heavily) in developing your own in-house marketing team, or… continually outsource ‘bits and pieces’ to external contractors when the need arises.  Neither option however provides you with the flexibility or the broad skills and knowledge base required to set your business up for long term success, whilst making sure you also hit the ground running.

Let’s way up the alternatives:


  • Recruit locally from the Australian job market.
    • For senior and experienced marketing professionals this can involve extensive recruitment fees and wait time (typically 3-6 months) to find and secure the right person.
    • Compete in any competitive market place and you’ll pay the price.  Salary for entry level marketing professionals (1-2 years experience) typically starts at $60k per anum, with mid-level up to $100k and senior level (10 years plus) up to $150k, plus customary bonuses and benefits.
    • Add to this up to 30% loading in light of the usual super and administration overheads of having an increased head-count.
    • Mining and METS is a niche sector.  Finding someone with relevant industry experience adds to the complexity – and the price tag.
    • Most marketing professionals come with a fairly ‘general’ skill-set. Skills such as graphic design, web-development, video production and others will typically still require outsourcing – adding to your budget.
  • The alternative is to continually outsource bits and pieces of your requirements to external contractors when required.  This might seem like a cost-effective strategy, but in the long-run it too can harm and delay your business’ growth.
    • There’s no over-riding marketing strategy in place for your business.  A top-level marketing and brand strategy is vital to achieving true synergy and long-term return on investment.
    • Paying job-to-job typically incurs higher contract rates, so in the long-run you end up paying more, for less.
    • Constant outsourcing means critical marketing knowledge, assets and resources reside outside the business.  With no lasting, long-term relationship established, if an individual contractor were to go elsewhere, so does the growth you’ve worked hard to achieve.  You’re effectively back to square one.


  • Gain instant access to heavyweight marketing experience and expertise in the mining-resources sector – your sector.
  • Minus the large up-front recruitment costs, overheads and consulting fees.
  • Rapid to start and get up to speed.
    • Senior marketing leadership without the wait and cost of finding the right person (can be up to 6 months).
    • There’s no time lost during the hiring period that could be spent amplifying your marketing efforts and fuelling the growth you need.
    • Benefit from extensive industry knowledge from the get-go – avoid the common pitfalls and focus on what delivers results, fast.
  • A strategic-level, comprehensive marketing plan, brand strategy and approved annual budget for your business.
  • Comprehensive marketing KPI reporting structure provided monthly by your own, dedicated Marketing Coordinator.
  • A flat monthly fee structure that provides you with the transparency and flexibility to scale the level of support you receive, and thereby associated costs as you scale your business.
  • No hourly fees or caps on the services you need (as long as they fall under your Retainer Package).
  • Direct access to a wide ranging ‘pool’ of marketing-communications specialists: From content writers to graphic designers, to 3D modellers and web developers.
  • Access to unrivalled industry market intelligence – from global mining operations and projects, to media and editorial contacts.
  • Maintain 100% ownership over your IP, your marketing assets, resources and the knowledge you’ve acquired. TEAM works from secure Cloud-based servers that you can access at all times.
  • The ability to upgrade, scale back or even cancel your services at any time.

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